What it’s all about

So, you may be wondering what manner of tomfoolery I have planned for this blog.  The short answer is a place to post my random semi-incomprehensible ramblings.  The long answer is random nifty ideas, ramblings on writing, reviews for games and maybe movies, and other ramblings too big to cram into a Twitter or Facebook post.

Thus far you might say I’m a writer in the same sense that that guy you know who’s good at taking pictures at parties is a photographer; good enough to fill a nice portfolio, but (unless you count that time I got into an anthology for writing a poem in middle school) nothing published on a big scale.  I trend heavily towards sci-fi because I enjoy stories in the vein of ‘wouldn’t it be neat if this happened’, taking some little change and extrapolating how it would affect the world and beyond.  At the same time I’m also working on writing more in other genres to ensure that the story is seasoned with the fantastic and not dependant upon it.

I’ve also been a huge fan of role-playing games from a young age, which you might consider an extension of writing.  From there it was a short hop into designing RPGs of our own.  We started back in the day with little more than a D&D2e Monster Manual and our best guess as to what the rules were supposed to be, crossed with what we wanted them to be.  Thus my ongoing and greatest project has been equal parts game design and sci-fi writing, a system encompassing my various writing settings.  I’ve also got some ideas for video games rolling around (as do we all these days, I suppose), though that may prove a bit more difficult in the modern age.  I made a fair share of quick fun games in BASIC class in school and on my Ti-83, but despite several attempts the modern programming languages remain impenetrable to me.  Maybe one of these times I’ll hit a breakthrough and figure it out.  Or maybe I’ll land a lucky break like Kojima and get an army of minions who can turn my ideas into programming.  Who knows.  But in the meantime there’s always writing, and the thing I like best about it is that you don’t need a degree or expensive hardware or a permit to do it; just write.

For the reviews I’ve devised a Five By Five system.  Five points I enjoyed about it, five that I didn’t dig quite so much, and a final word on whether or not it’s worth a shot.  Why not a numbered system, you may ask?  The answer is that I’m just not a fan of trying to attach a number to a subjective experience.  What I find awesome may not necessarily be what you find awesome.  A long scale I think would be more confusing as one tries to figure out whether a 7 is all that much better than a 6.5.  If I were to use numbers I’d have a three-star scale (lame/decent/great) or a five-star (can’t stand it/flawed but kind of okay/decently fun/really fun/totally awesome), but both of these would be picked up by metacritic and my rating for a game that’s average and fun would come up as 60%.  So!  Five good points, five bad points, and a final word. I may also consider doing Showdown reviews when two or more very similar games go head to head.

As for what will be reviewed, I’m willing to review just about anything but my resources are presently limited.  I’m of the mind that if a new game is totally awesome for $60 it’ll be just as awesome when it’s $30 or $10.  Everything comes down eventually.  Thus many of my initial reviews will involve good old games you can get on the cheap.  As you might suspect I don’t posess the budget for a ‘modern’ gaming PC running on two processors four video cards and powered by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, so most of my gaming is on consoles.  Thanks to a bit of bargain hunting I’ve got pretty much everything from the Big Three; 360, PS3, Wii, as well as a DS Lite.  Somewhere around here can also be found Dreamcast, SNES, NES, and some old Game Boys of many shapes.  I’m holding off on the DSi XL until I know more about what’s up with the 3DS.  As for the PSP I had one for awhile but the library failed to thrill me, though I do plot to accquire one again sometime to diversify my review range.  Overall I’ll review just about anything I find interesting, and I’ll also be taking requests. I’ve got Netflix and I’m considering Gamefly.

Also to keep things in the clear legally, I make no claim to the copyrights of the various games/movies/etc. I’ll be rambling about (except of course for that of my own creations), represented here via Fair Use. If you feel your copyrighted material has been used unfairly, contact me and it will be taken down post haste.

As for the rest, every now and then you see or hear or think of something that you just have to tell someone about.  This stairwell philosophy may be insightful or strange or just plain random, but in general they’re the sort of ideas you get when you’re just hanging out with your friends and talking in the late hours of the night about any random thing that comes to mind.

I intend to update this blog a few times a week, at the very least once a week.  It’ll give me a place to get the word out about my writing, plus being on the public stage may give me a bit of incentive to avoid slacking off.  Might even meet some cool people along the way.  Let’s see where the ride takes us.


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