Link of the Moment – Holiday Hope

In two days we reach what many folks consider to be the official start of the Christmas season. Santa Claus is making his frequent appearances on behalf of the Salvation Army, groups like Toys for Tots and Child’s Play are doing their thing, and numerous big corporations are extending goodwill by letting customers tag a few extra bucks onto their bill to be passed along to various charity organizations.

If you’re feeling charitable and also want to do some good on a more personal level, a friend of mine has started up a new blog at with the aim of raising funds to take care of a family in dire need. Like so many of us in this economy they face hard times, and they’ve tightened their belts and soldiered on as best they can. Some weeks they can get by, some weeks they have to go without a few necessities. They’ve applied for aid and housing to fill in the gaps where good old fashioned hard work won’t quite reach, but the waiting lists stretch on for months.

A little bit here and there multiplied by the population of the internet can go a long way. If only a few dollars come out of this that’ll at least keep the gas tank full to get the kids to and from school and get to job interviews and make sure there’s enough bread/milk/toilet paper/etc. to go around. If it goes better you’ll know you’ve had a part in helping a family spend Christmas in a home instead of a shelter. If it goes fantastically well we might even be to say the same for multiple families. That last one’s a long shot perhaps, but as they say to reach the moon you’ve gotta shoot for the stars.

So, give a look. Tell your friends. Have them tell their friends. Have your friends’ friends tell their friends. Maybe we can whip up a little Christmas miracle.


One response to “Link of the Moment – Holiday Hope

  1. Great thinking, it is unfortunate that so many of our fellow citizens forget that we must face the good times and the bad times as a societal whole, not simply as individuals. This holiday season lets think of the hard times we have experienced in our lives and reach out to those still stuck in those very trying, very hard, very troublesome times.

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