Writing – Coffee

As a part of getting myself back on track with productive regular writing I’m gonna start sticking to the 100 Word Weekly Challenge at this dandy blog right here.  Each week a writing prompt is selected and, as it says on the tin, your goal is to write a quick little story using exactly one hundred words.  It can be a fun little metagame to express your idea concise enough to fit precisely on the line.  Whoever writes the best-voted submission gets to pick next week’s topic.  The following is my entry in said challenge.


It was coffee.  Just coffee.  Later it might be a dark crowded room and a great silver screen.  It might be a long stretch of empty highway and wind blowing our hair back.  Perhaps soft murmurs and nervous, anxious, eager exploration.  Maybe somewhere private.  Maybe somewhere public.  The ending may come in mere minutes.  Or some hours.  Or several years.  It could end in this cafe or on my doorstep or hers, or on some porch in some future.  But the beginning is here, with coffee.  Just coffee.



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