Writing – Mustache

My stab for this week at the 100 Word Weekly Challenge. My first thought was to do one about a soldier pacing back and forth guarding the Tomb of Unknowns at Arlington. Seemed kinda like cheating because a good chunk of it would be his internal monologue about the guard procedure. But then a bit of googling said that soldiers aren’t allowed facial hair. So I started over. And then another googling revealed they’re allowed mustaches after all, just not big bushy beards and such, but at that point I declared ‘pleh’ and went with something a little different.


Frost gathered on his mustache as it often did this time of year. It wasn’t quite cold enough for snow, but plenty enough for his breath to make phantoms in the night air. As usual, the stark autumn chill did little to keep the streets clear this night. The next wave approached. Searching flashlights preceeced the semi-ordered mob, advancing upon his position in a vague formation as he pulled his mask down into place, grinning beneath it. They fanned out as they approached his position, shouting their mighty battle cry in unison: “Trick or treat!”


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