Important Stuff – National Defense Authorization Act

So there’s this bill, the National Defense Authorization Act. They hammer out a new one every year to decide the military’s budgets and responsibilities and which battleship get retired and how many thousands of wrenches to buy and all that jazz. There’s a worrisome bit in the latest one though.

A new addition authorizes the military to indefinitely and without trial detain persons suspected of terrorist acts. “Persons”, as in, including you and me and everyone. This worries me for two very large reasons: A) I don’t like the idea of saying a certain crime or any crime is so bad that you can be locked up on suspicion alone. Arrest, have a trial, then put them away for life if you want to. That’s how it’s supposed to go. B) I don’t like the idea of passing laws with a high potential for abuse and hoping the government won’t misuse it; I’m not in the habit of handing a loaded gun to anyone with worse decision-making skills than myself.

Anywho, for the curious, you can find a complete record of the senate’ yeas and nays on this bill at this link right here.  Search results on the House and Senate website are deleted automatically after 30 minutes for some reason so you’ll have to travel on your own to and  Seek out section 1031 of S.1867 and section 1034 of H.R.1540 respectively.

Took a little while to hunt these down. Make good use of them.